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Firstly; I hail from and indeed still live in the South of Italy, I jumped into the art game later on than some, in fact I went to University and I got my MD in Environmental Science. I don’t regret my past: nature and environment are a huge source of inspiration for my illustration work. Actually, I’ve always had this Dr.Jeckyll/Mr.Hyde nature, but fortunately both sides (art and science) co-exist peacefully inside my head. Most of the time, at least. I’m a sort of a musician, too, a good cook and a would-be writer and video maker.

As you can tell from my artwork, I feel confident with many different mediums and styles, ranging from ballpoint pen to digital. I love dots, lines, I’m keen on colors, I fancy the blackest black, I can be easy and simple, but mostly I’m obsessed with intricate plots and details.

Simply, I design what I want, with no limits. I decorate several kinds of surfaces: paper, wood, stone, metals, human skin.

My influences come from all manner of sources. As I said, I mainly draw upon the natural world, and its contrary, too:

I’m fascinated by monsters, fairies, grotesque and strange creatures, dark ceremonies, witchcraft and the occult. Sometimes I simply let them meet and give birth to outstanding hybrids which populate my world.

In 2018 I founded Inkology Tattoo & Art Lab, which is my studio, my lab, my den, the place where new creatures come to life. You will find me there, come and join me!

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